Syzygium paniculata

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Syzygium Paniculatum

A beautiful, fast-growing, upright tree with glossy foliage; new growth is coppery. It bears creamywhite flowers in summer followed by rose-purple fruits. Excellent for screening.

Syzygium paniculatum has previously been known botanically as eugenia but is now syzygium. Syzygium paniculatum is an upright tree that can reach 30-50+ feet tall at maturity. It often goes by the more common name: brush cherry. It is popularly maintained as a large screening shrub or a formally kept hedge. Syzygium paniculatum is also used for topiary gardening and Village Nurseries offers syzygium paniculatum in 2 and 3 tiered “pom pom” versions.New foliage is produced nearly year round. It is bronze-red maturing to a 1/2 to 1 inch wide glossy green leaf. Syzygium paniculatum produces creamy white brush like flowers. They appear in late spring through early summer. The flower clusters then produce edible rose-purple fruit. Syzygium paniculatum is planted in sun or part shade and should receive occasional to moderate water. It is planted as a common hedge in many parks.