Spiraea Cantoniensis


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Cape May Flower

  • Small double white flowers
  • Evergreen shrub grows up to 1.5m tall
  • Feed with Wonder 3.2.1


Spiraea Cantoniensis

Reeves Spirea is a tough, hardy Spirea variety with excellent cold hardiness, and fast growth. In very warm climates may even tend to be almost evergreen, or semi-evergreen. Always one of the first shrubs to break bud in spring.

When in full bloom, this shrub is absolutely covered in showy white bloom clusters, with a light, sweet fragrance. Uses for this beautiful shrub include mass plantings, shrub borders along fence lines, or even as a tough hardy foundation planting. responds very well to trimming, and can be maintained at just about any height & width through regular periodic maintenance. But if left to grow naturally, this shrub will require absolutely NO maintenance at all.

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