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Scabiosa – Also known as the Pincushion flower. Scabiosa comes in blues, whites, lilacs and pinks. A colourful hardy perennial that is ideal for rockeries, gravel gardens or as edging in flower beds. The flowers are very attractive to bees and butterflies. A beautiful perennial that will do well in English styled gardens.

Scabiosa africana grows fast, forming evergreen mounds of velvety leaves. Many thick stems shoot from the ground, bearing large rosettes of light green leaves. These big, soft and hairy leaves are oval shaped, about 160 mm long and 50 mm wide, with ruffled edges. From the leaves, the stems grow almost 1 m longer, dividing into side branches with the typical scabious flowers at the tips.

Flowering from spring to early summer, the plants are a beautiful sight with the many tall flowering stems waving in the wind. Looking at the flowers closely, one realizes that each head, which is about 50 mm across, is made up of many smaller flowers that vary in shades of mauve and white. After flowering, the heads turn into tight, bristly balls that fall apart as the seeds ripen.

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