Rhagoda Hastata – Salt Bush

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Salt Bush

Rhagodia hastata

Plumbago auriculata ‘Royal Cape’ Rhagodia hastata or Salt Bush. In the parched Western Cape this plant has reached iconic status as it bravely graces very dry gardens where it’s widely used as filler plant and for hedging. The beautiful silvery-grey foliage, which can sometimes turn a rusty shade of red, and white stems always attract the eye, especially if a little rain has fallen and new growth is produced. This is a fast grower and a hardy coastal plant that can be pruned into virtually any formal shape. Mature size is about 0.5m x 2m. Mature size is about 1.5m x 2m.

  • Rhagodia hastata
  • Siver-grey foliage
  • Evergreen
  • Hardy
  • Water wise