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Lavandula st.’Lavender Lace’

Emerging from early winter, purple coloured lavender flower heads provide a lively display for what can be a dreary time in garden landscapes. Lavender Violet Lace offers flowers of an intense deep purple colour whereas Lavender Lace is at the other end of the spectrum in soft shades of lilac. Middle ground is where you will find the colourings of Winter Lace whose fragrant flower heads are crowned with ruffled, mid lilac coloured bracts that soften with age giving a delightful dappled effect.

Plant in full sun in well drained soil. A light prune after flowering will encourage bushy growth and new flower growth for the next season. An application of a slow release fertiliser at this time would also be beneficial.
When pruning lavenders – never cut right back to bare stem (that is where no foliage is attached)

Dry tolerant once established it makes a particularly good choice for a water-wise garden. Can be grown in larger sized containers.

If using for hedging space plants around 50cm apart at planting.