Hibiscus Varieties 25cm

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Hibiscus sinensis

Hibiscus sinensis or Mallow. The wonderful showy blooms of hibiscus make it a popular choice for gardens, especially in subtropical, frost-free areas where they flower continuously throughout the year. Gardeners in other parts of the country can also grow this is a popular shrub, as they do well in the Eastern and Western Cape, but should be protected from salt-laden winds.

In inland gardens which experience moderate frost, protect your hibiscus by growing it next to a north- or north-west facing wall. In this sheltered environment, the sunshine and warmth absorbed by the wall will maintain a moderate air temperature around an established hibiscus. Hibiscus flowers come in many stunning colours, from pink, red, yellow, and orange to silvery white, and the blooms can be either single or double. Certain varieties of hibiscus have variegated foliage.

  • Hibiscus sinensis
  • Large attractive bright coloured flowers in summer
  • Water wise
  • Grow in full sun
  • Slightly frost sensitive