Gardena Planting Gloves

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  • Gardena Planting Gloves
  • All-round gloves to keep your hands protected in every garden task.
  • All GARDENA Gloves consist of high-quality non-toxic materials, and the design is perfectly adapted for every area of application.
  • All gloves are washable at 30° C.
  • Wherever there is work and sweat, with the need for wearing comfort at the same time
  • GARDENA guarantees durable and comfortable fabrics, high-quality materials and a non-slip surface.
  • Selected, protecting and robust materials in the palms and on the backs of the fingers protect against injuries when working with shrubs and thorny plants.
  • The optimal fit, firm grip and breathable, non-toxic materials make the GARDENA Garden Gloves extremely comfortable and secure.
  • Sturdy, elastic woven nylon fabric
  • Water-resistant coated palms and fingertips
  • For planting and soil work requiring a good grip and protection against moisture
  • Comfortable and protected hands for every task in your garden.

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size 9/L, size 8/M, size 7/S