Gardena Classic Bypass Secateur

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  • Gardena Classic Bypass Secateurs
  • Bypass secateurs use two blades that glide past each other, enabling a sharp, clean cut, close to the stem or root.
  • Bypass secateurs are therefore particularly suited for cutting living plant tissue.
  • They can be used to cut young or soft wood, as well as semi-woody garden bushes and shrubs.
  • However, as Bypass secateurs do bruise the plant tissue, they should only really be used for cutting or chopping up dead wood.
  • Quality is important with both types of secateurs: High-quality, sharp blades will give you the optimum cut.
  • The precision-ground blades allow precise cutting of flowers, twigs and branches. If required, the blades can be exchanged.
  • The Premium Secateurs are made from high-quality, solid materials, such as stainless steel and aluminium, and are thereby ideally suited for lovers of solid cutting tools.
  • The GARDENA Aluminium Garden Secateurs B+/L with its stainless steel upper blade and forged re-sharpenable bottom blade; both replaceable, are perfect for cutting flowers, young shoots and fresh wood (up to 22mm).
  • The extra-narrow cutting head permits particularly precise cutting.
  • The ergonomically-shaped aluminium handles with two hand positions provide maximum comfort when cutting.
  • The secateurs have a practical single-hand safety lock for safe storage, wire cutters and a sap groove and are backed with the GARDENA 25 year warranty.