Evergold Sedge Grass

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  • Evergold sedge grass or Carex oshimensis evergold are extremely attractive perennial plants which belong to the Sedge family; with over 1000 species and even more cultivars. Most species are evergreen, and can be found growing from the coldest climates and high elevations, to the tropics; so there’s one or two suitable for every garden.
  • All sedges are essentially grass-like in appearance and range in size from extremely small tufts to large clumps. Most garden varieties have striking foliage, a compact mounding habit and cascading leaves. Foliage can be bronze-brown, dark to light green; or striped with green and cream, ivory or golden-yellow. In summer the plants produce small brown flower spikes which are attractive but fairly inconspicuous.
  • Sedges are striking contrast plants for all types of gardens and combine well with other perennials. They are not limited to one garden style and are used in Japanese pebble gardens, tropical and ultra modern designs; cottage and woodland gardens. Sedges prefer moist soil and thrive near water features and ponds. They also provide an effective groundcover if planted in massed beds; doing well underneath trees. Their compact mounding habit makes them an excellent choice for the front of the border. Sedges are also great accent plants for mixed container plantings with perennials and annuals.
  • Cultural requirements vary from species to species and most garden varieties available in South Africa remain evergreen and are hardy to frost; in very cold regions they may become dormant in winter. Some cultivars love semi-shade and will even grow in full shade, while others will adapt to full sun. Most Sedges love moisture and grow happily in wet, boggy areas, while others are more drought tolerant. Generally they adapt to most fertile well-drained garden soils, from sand to clay loam. Like most perennial grasses sedges will benefit from a tidy up in the spring to remove any dead foliage and to encourage new growth.
  • Propagation is by seed or by division of the root ball in autumn or spring.
  • Carex oshimensis ‘Evergold’ is native to the Japanese main island of Honshu and the islands of Shikoku and Kyushu. It is common in dry woods and rocky hillsides at low altitudes, and therefore prefers a slightly drier soil than most sedges. This evergreen has fine foliage which cascades softly to the ground in a fountain-like manner. The striped, creamy-yellow leaves have dark green margins. Its compact growth habit +-15 to 20cm tall and +-20 to 30cm wide, make it an excellent choice for the front of the border. It is fully hardy to frost and thrives in to semi-shade to shade.