Epidendrum - Butterfly Ground Orch


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Epidendrum – Butterfly Ground Orch  (70056179)


Star Orchid

Epidendrum x obrienianum

Epidendrum x obrienianum or Star Orchid. So carefree, you can plant this lovely plant in a raised shady garden bed or directly into the ground if your soil is pretty free draining & watered fairly regularly. They can even handle very light frosts, although a hard freeze will kill them. The flowers are held in sprays of around ten vibrant red flowers with a bit of yellow. This is also a wonderful plant for sharing, as they create “pups” or “keikis” that form aerial roots at the top of the long stems after the stalk blooms. Good houseplant, too!

  • Epidendrum x obrienianum
  • Easy to grow
  • Ideal for shady areas
  • Attractive flowers throughout summer


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