Dragon Tree – Dracaena fragrans compacta 15cm

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Dragon Tree

Dracaena fragrans compacta 15cm

Dracaena fragrans compacta or Dragon tree. Compacta as the name suggests is a compact version of Dracaena fragrans. It has a thick green stem and superb, dense clumps of short, dark green leaves. This is one variety of Dracaena whose leaves are not variegated; instead you get a wonderful rich and deep glossy green leaf, with deep veining, similar to the Aspidistra.

Compacta is very definitely a stylish option and looks stunning in modern, contemporary settings. Dracaena Compacta likes bright conditions and enjoys slightly raised humidity. Like all Dracaena it helps purify the surrounding air.

  • Dracaena fragrans compacta
  • Glossy green compact strappy leaves
  • Graceful stems
  • Ideal for modern interiors