Diascia Variety 14cm

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Diascia varieties

Diascia varieties or Twinspur. This beautiful flowering plant was virtually unheard of a few years ago. There are over 70 species, all indigenous to South Africa, and almost all are perennials.

The delicate flowers are 1cm in diameter, but bloom in such profusion that that plant gives masses of colour. They bloom all summer long if conditions are relatively cool, so in very hot gardens plant diascias in partial shade. In autumn they bloom profusely, adding colour to the garden after most flowers are finished. All diascias have small, slightly oval leaves dark green in colour. Some varieties are upright and compact, while others are trailing plants. Their height varies from about 15cm to 30cm, and they can spread up to 45cm. Most diascias tolerate moderate frost. They are easy to grow and disease resistant, and spring is the time to plant them.

  • Diascia varieties
  • Indigenous
  • Grow in full sun to semi-shade
  • Evergreen
  • Water wise
  • Free Flowering