Gardena Combisystem Bow Saw

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  • Gardena Combisystem Bow Saw
  • For sawing work up to 5 m, the Gardeners’ Saw can be easily extended with a GARDENA combisystem Telescopic Handle.
  • The 25-year warranty ensures best quality.
  • The GARDENA combisystem Bow Saw can be used either as a normal hand saw or extended in combination with combisystem handles.
  • Work in up to approx. 5 metres height can be easily performed.
  • The saw blade can be swiveled by 360°, allowing pleasant work.
  • The twist-proof blade lock guarantees safe handling of the Bow Saw.
  • The hardened blade has precision toothing and a length of 350 mm.
  • The blade tension can be easily adjusted, the tensioning parts are rust-free.
  • The bow design is also rust-proof.
  • The warranty period is 25 years.
  • Rust-proof bow design
  • Saw blade can be rotated 360 degrees
  • Adjustable blade tension