Gardena Classic Rose Sprinkler


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  • Classic Rose Sprinkler
  • Gardena 1953-20
  • Spike


Gardena Classic Rose Sprinkler

The GARDENA Classic Rose Sprinkler optimally irrigates smaller to medium gardens. It distributes water especially evenly and prevents formation of puddles. Its range of spray lies with a diameter of maximum 13 m. This renders it suitable for smaller to medium-sized areas with maximum 130 m². The Rose Sprinkler is securely mounted on a spike. With this, you can easily and securely fix the GARDENA Classic Rose Sprinkler in the lawn or ground. For easy irrigation.

The spike guarantees secure positioning in the lawn.
The Original GARDENA System is the basis for garden irrigation with over 45 years of experience. Everything fits together perfectly and remains watertight. Explore the uniqueness of the Original GARDENA System.

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