GardenShop Landscaping Profile

GardenShop Landscaping is a new division in our GardenShop family. Our GardenShop Landscaping team are committed to you and your garden. We take a personal interest in your home or business garden.

We assess the needs of your family or your business, custom design and install a garden that will suit your requirements  making your garden an extension of your living space and lifestyle.

Our Specialized Maintenance Service will visit your garden once a month, make recommendations, fertilize pots, beds and lawns, take care of your pruning needs and take care of pest and disease control in an environmentally friendly way. 

Our GardenShop Landscaping team pride ourselves that we keep in touch with the latest trends and movements in the gardening industry.

Our Vision at GardenShop Landscaping :

  • We are aware of the water scarcity in South Africa and we incorporate Water Wise Principles in all our installations.
  • Modern Living has reduced our green spaces with more people living in smaller quarters. We can optimize your green space by using vertical installations, hydroponics and potted gardens.
  • The environment is high on our agenda. We make use of sound environmental horticultural practices in our installations and maintenance of your garden.

At GardenShop Landscaping no project is too big or too small for us. We build a garden relationship with our clients to ensure that your grass is always greener than the one on the other side.

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