1. Introduction: This competition is organized by GardenShop. Participation signifies agreement with these terms.
  2. Competition Period: Starts 7th March and ends 30th April 2024.
  3. Eligibility: Open to those who like, share, and tag GardenShop’s Facebook page. Excludes employees and affiliates.
  4. Entry Requirements:
    • Like GardenShop on Facebook.
    • Share the competition post.
    • Tag GardenShop in your shared post.
  5. Winner Selection:
    • Winners chosen randomly from valid entries.
    • Announced on the last day of April 2024.
  6. Prize:
    • A 2-night stay at the Houghton Hotel. Details of the prize will be communicated to the winners.
  7. Notification:
    • Winners contacted via social media. Must claim within a specified timeframe.
  8. General:
    • GardenShop reserves rights to modify terms or cancel the competition.
  9. Data Protection:
    • Participant data handled per relevant legislation, not shared without consent.
  10. Governing Law:
    • Governed by local law, disputes subject to local jurisdiction.