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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the philosophy of Yin and Yang is used to balance the body.

Most garden design concepts can be explained in terms of yin (female) and yang (male) and achieving a balance between the two. Applying the theory of yin yang correctly in your garden will result in a flourishing landscape that surrounds your home with good energy and enhances its value. Gardeners already understand this balance in the use of different sizes, shapes and colours of foliage, shrubs, trees and flowers. A garden where every plant has tiny leaves would be too yin or busy looking.

Yin: represents shade, cooling, calming nature
Yang: represents the sun, heat, aggressive nature

  • Begin with balance.Balancing your planting scheme begins with the back of the planting area where you plant higher (yang) than the next layer and again with the third layer in front until you reach three tiers descending in height to lowest (yin).
  • Incorporate texture. Yin and yang also dwell in texture. Use open, longer stems, like Shasta daisies, that create motion when the wind caresses them. Rocks, garden sculpture, patios, benches, pergolas/gazebos and swings all add visual interest and find their balance within the softness of plants and flowers. The hard sculptural elements are yang to the flowers yin.
  • Mindfully use colour.If you have ample room for your gardens, consider either themes of brilliant colour or mixes of colour. Multicolour plants “fill in” space as you look at them because all the colours radiate a vibration and take up more visual space (yang). If you have little room for plants, consider softer colour flowers and plants (yin), such as shades of whites and greens. A yin garden is ideal for meditation.
  • Work with topography.The rise and fall of land is yin (low) and yang (high).
  • Plan for proportion.You’ve probably seen too many shrubs and trees on too little land and just the opposite — too much land and too few plantings.
  • To curve or not curve. Curves slow your steps and eyes (yin) while straight lines speed your energy (yang), causing you to look beyond instead of enjoying where you are.


A nice yin yang balance makes your garden a place where you will want to spend time. Balance provides areas to enjoy with groups of family or neighbours, and private areas where you could meditate or rest. If your garden is too shady, consider pruning or even removing trees and shrubs. If your garden is too hot and open or plagued by wind, plant some trees. Plant water loving plants in damp areas, drought tolerant plants in dry areas, and they will require much less maintenance. If the garden is so overgrown you can barely see the house sharpen those secateurs and get to work and balance out the yin and the yang. 


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Yin & Yang In The Garden | Gardenshop