Imagine you’re sitting outside in your favourite chair or hammock, enjoying the bright summer sun and the soft ambient sounds of the surrounding neighbourhood. A gentle breeze sweeps over you, rustling your hair, accompanied by the soft tinkle of a chime.

Add some wind chimes to your backyard or garden and bring some soothing sounds into your natural environment. Here are some tips on how to make your own.

  • Take some old pieces of cutlery and hang them on a stick. This will give you a crystal sound.
  • For a more earthy sound string up some pieces of bamboo of different lengths and hang them on a branch where they can clatter and clang against each other.
  • Make a song tree by hanging bottles of different sizes on a tree. When the wind blows you will get a flute-like sound as the breeze blows over the tops of the bottles.
  • Hit a key note by hanging old keys on string or gut.
  • Bring some light into your wind chimes by finishing them of with crystal beads.
  • You can also use some old tins, shells, bottle tops and pieces of glass to make interesting wind chimes.

Let the music play in your garden.

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