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South Africa’s leading Specialist Garden Retailer, popularising the concept of gardening as both a leisure activity and shopping experience. Step into GardenShop and you walk into a world of colour, quality and personal service. We make your life more beautiful with the largest selection of earthy organics, elegant home decor, gorgeous garden furniture, flourishing indoor and outdoor plants as well as exquisite birding and wildlife products. You can totally transform your home and garden in just one visit!

Each of our six stores offers a unique experience which will inspire and delight. We’re proud to work with a variety of partners to bring our customers as much choice as possible. From coffee shops and restaurants to pet stores and other exciting attractions, GardenShop makes for a great day out any time of the year.

LET SPRING HAPPEN! It’s that time of the year when GardenShop really makes things happen with style, beauty and zest in your garden.
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WE MAKE GARDENING EASY! Grab your free copy of GardenEasy, GardenShop’s exciting ‘how-to’ gardening guide that quite simply, makes gardening really easy!
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Planting and growing roses made easy! Let us show you how with GardenEasy.

Gardening for novice gardeners and the not-so-green-fingers.

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