Water Wisdom!


Article Written By: Greg Eedes
Store Manager @ GardenShop Parktown North

Here at the GardenShop, saving water in every way possible, is incredibly important to us. Water is the foundation and source of all life on our planet and it is vital that we continuously strive to conserve and preserve it. In our Store Managers article this week, Greg Eeds, our Parktown manager, shares some of his best water saving tips.

  1. Water your garden early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
  2. Avoid watering on windy days, when you are using a sprinkler or irrigation system.
  3. Keep your garden free of weeds, as they use water too.
  4. Install a drip system or micro-sprays in garden beds.
  5. Soak your garden twice a week and water the roots, not the leaves. Deep water less often develops deep root growth which will assist your plants with coping better in the hotter and drier weather.
  6. Choose water-wise plants.
  7. Group plants according to their water needs.
  8. Remember to plant more perennials than summer annuals, as they have deeper root systems and need less watering during the warmer months of the year.
  9. Improve your soil and add compost to improve the water holding properties of the soil.
  10. Use edging to ensure the water stays where you use it.
  11. Place woodchips, pebbles or other organic mulches around the base of outdoor pot plants. This will help the soil retain the water.



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