The Benefits of Going Organic in Your Garden


Article Written By: Sivuyile Mgcodo
GardenGuru @ GardenShop Broadacres

We all know that ‘Going Organic’ is incredibly important, especially in this day and age when we are surrounded by plenty of pollution and copious amounts of chemicals. Your garden is the perfect place to go organic, as the use of natural products can be of great benefit to you and your natural environment.

There are numerous detrimental effects, such as environmental pollution and insect resistance, that have been identified from the over usage of chemical insecticides in our gardens. We encourage all gardeners to reduce the use of chemical insecticides and we would like to promote and encourage the use of natural or organic insecticides in your gardens.

There are many organic products on the market, and this month we would like to highlight Biogrow Bioneem – which is made from a well-known Tree Botanical called Azadirachta. It is an organic insecticide that will work effectively to degenerate the life cycle of immature insect stages (eggs, larvae and pupa). It contains secondary metabolites (Azadirachtin) that are stored in specialised tissues that play a very significant role to deteriorate and repel the offspring of all harmful insects.

Apart from the environmental benefits of going organic in your garden, it should also be noted that it is a fallacy that organic products are more expensive than inorganic chemicals – at GardenShop we have many organic products that are actually cheaper than their chemical counterparts!

So do your bit for the environment and go organic in your garden with Biogrow Bioneem or any other organic chemical substitute!

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