Sustainable Gardening and Mulching


Mulches are loose coverings or sheets of material placed on the surface of cultivated soil. Mulches can be applied to bare soil or to cover the surface of compost in containers.

Mulching is an important gardening management technique that will ultimately stabalise soil temperature, retain moisture in summer and will protect roots from cold weather temperatures Mulches help also help to prevent weeds from growing. Mulching is advised for herb and vegetable gardens, containers, roses, hanging baskets, pots and containers and planted flower beds.

Mulches come in different forms, most popular include the bio-degradable mulches like grass clippings, sawdust, bark chips, well-rotted manure and garden compost.

When to apply Mulch

Mulches are best applied from mid- to late spring and autumn, when the soil is moist and warm. It is best to avoid applying mulches in winter and early spring as the soil is too cold, and in summer, when it will be dry. They can be applied around new plantings or to established beds and specimen plants.

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