Recommended Treatment Program


PSHB Fungicide:                      
Mix 20ml PSHB Fungicide with 4L of water.  Apply by spraying the mixture on the trunk.  Be sure to use a direct spray and not a mist spray to apply the product.

Protek Complete 350:            
Mix 2ml Protek Complete 350 into 2L of water per 1 meter tall tree.

Protek Complete is a wide spectrum systemic insecticide and although no insecticide is registered to use against Borer, it is still an integral part of the Recommended Treatment Program. Drench the roots with Protek Complete 350 mixture then water the roots to assist with absorption.

WEEK 3 & 5:

Repeat the same treatment procedures exactly as explained for week 1.
(No treatment for week 2 & 4)

Week 6

Fertilize the tree with Vita 3:1:5


Please Note: This is a Recommended Treatment Program.

Success of the recommended treatment program is subject to the progress of the disease.

Ask our in-store GardenGuru for more information and treatment of PSHB Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer! 

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