Grow your own dinner with open-pollinated, non-GMO seeds.

*Non-GMO seeds,  (meaning Non-Genetically Modified Organisms) are cultivated through pollination.
*Open-pollination refers to plants pollinated naturally by birds, insects, wind, or human hands.

IMG_20190417_134658-e1555568346536-1024x568 RAW - new combo packs!


50 Shades of Green

50-Shades-Of-Green-300x300 RAW - new combo packs!

Box Contains:

Micro green Old Mexico.           
Micro Greens Rainbow mix.          
Basil Lime.         
Lettuce Mesclun Mix                 
Spicy Salad Mesclun Mix

Well, more like 5. But who are we to refuse an opportunity for shameless product naming. This racy mix of micro greens will make even your naughtiest salad dreams come true – prepare to get down ‘n dirty with a touch of Old Mexico, Rainbow Blend, Basil Lime, and Baby Leaf Mesclun Mix. There’s a sprinkle of Spicy Salad Mesclun in here too, for those who really like to walk on the wild side. Mr Grey will see you now.


Some Like It Hot

Box Contains:Some-Like-It-Hot-300x300 RAW - new combo packs!

Pepper Hot Cayenne Mix
Pepper Hot Carribean Mix
Pepper Hot Habanero Mix
Pepper Hot Ghost
Pepper Sweet Corno Di Torro

And everyone likes pretty chilli plants. If this blend of Cayenne, Caribbean and Habanero peppers wasn’t enough to fire up your container garden, we added a couple of Ghost Chilli seeds to the mix because we’re crazy like that. (Seriously, beware of the Ghost – we could write a book called Things The Ghost Chilli Is Hotter Than and it would include “hell”, “lava” and “the metal bit of a car seatbelt in summer”). To take the edge off, you’ll find some sweet Corno di Rosso Peppers growing amongst the delicious inferno.


Salad for Adeline

Salad-for-Adeline-300x300 RAW - new combo packs!

Box Contains:

Artichoke Violet de Provence
Cucumber Crystal Apple
Radiccio Traviso Red
Tomato Rainbow Heirloom Mix
Beetroot  Red and Gold

You know, like Ballade for Adeline. It’s a famous old song, guys. And it’s a play on words and it totally goes with the vibe of this seed combo, okay? This is the poshest selection of veg you’ve ever tasted, and if you know someone called Adeline, then that’s amazing and please email us because they have a really rare name. If not, just sit back and enjoy the shmancy salad you can grow with this mix of Artichoke, Crystal Apple Cucumber, Radicchio, Heirloom Rainbow Tomato and Red & Gold Beet seeds.


Veggies For Ants

Veggies-For-Ants-300x300 RAW - new combo packs!

Box Contains:

Pumpkin Wee be Little
Peas Tom Thumb
Pepper Sweet Mini bell Blend
Carrot Parisien
Eggplant Rosa Bianca

Normal veggies are at least three times bigger than these. But unlike Derek Zoolander, we think the mini versions are perfect just the way they are. In this mix you’ll find Wee Be Little Pumpkins, Tom Thumb Peas, Mini Bell Peppers, Parisian Carrots and Rosa Bianca Eggplants all hanging out together like a couple of tiny best friends. You owe it to them to give them a home in your garden. (And then in your belly, muahahaha).


Bant Like You Mean It

Bant-Like-You-Mean-It-300x300 RAW - new combo packs!

Box Contains:

Squash vegetable Spaghetti
Squash marina Di Chioggia
Squash Scallop Blend
Wee be little
Squash Summer Medley

Hate carbs? Love bandwagons? (Or should we say bantwagons. Self-five.) Well, this is the seed pack for you. From Vegetable Spaghetti Squash to Marina di Chioggia – with some Scallop, Wee Be Little and Summer Medley blends thrown in for good measure – we’ve created the veggie mix to fulfill any trendy Banter’s wildest dreams. And if you’re just a normal person who likes squash, then when can we meet in real life because we love you.


Paint The Town Red

Paint-The-Town-Red-300x300 RAW - new combo packs!

Box Contains:

Tomato Green Zebra
Tomato Flame Orange
Tomato Cleatr Pink
Tomato Black Krim
Tomato Brandywine Blend

By town we mean garden. And by red we also mean green, orange, pink and black. In hindsight, not the best name we’ve ever come up with. But definitely the best combo of tomato seeds you’ll ever plant, so there’s that. Say hello to Green Zebra, Flame Orange, Clear Pink, Black Krim and Brandywine Blend – all ready to grow like pros in your little patch of earth. And you know what they say: when life gives you tomatoes, laugh at Americans for saying “to-may-toes” and eat the whole crop yourself.

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Raw-img-1 RAW - new combo packs!


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