Wisteria 20L


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Blue Rain

Wisteria assorted 20L

  • Tree wisteria is a briefly deciduous, drought resistant tree with graceful grey-green almost weeping foliage
  •  Slow growing tree
  • Weeping shape that needs full sun


Blue Rain

Wisteria assorted 20L


Wisterias are deciduous, which means they drop their leaves in the fall in response to cold temperatures.

Wisteria, is very hardy and fast-growing. It can grow in fairly poor-quality soils, but prefers fertile, moist, well-drained soil. It thrives in full sun.

Wisteria can grow into a mound when unsupported, but is at its best when allowed to clamber up a tree, pergola, wall, or other supporting structure. Whatever the case, the support must be very sturdy, because mature wisteria can become immensely strong with heavy wrist-thick trunks and stems. These can collapse latticework, crush thin wooden posts, and even strangle large trees. Wisteria allowed to grow on houses can cause damage to gutters, downspouts, and similar structures.


  • Plant wisterias in full sun or partial shade (make sure the vines receive at least six hours of direct sun daily)
  • During the first year, water regularly until the roots establish
  • 20L

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