Vita Green 5:1:5 (16)


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  • Vita Green 5:1:5 (16) is a certified organic fertiliser for lawns, trees, green leafy vegetables, herbs, tropical gardens and indoor and outdoor foliage plants (eg: ferns and palms).
  • 2kg, 5kg or 10kg


Vita Green 5:1:5 (16)

Vita Green 5:1:5 (16) – TALBORNE ORGANICS FERTILIZER RANGES are incomparable for their beneficial qualities which are scientifically formulated and blended into an “All-in-One” organic fertiliser for crop performance, quality and health.

Contains ALL Minor & Micro-nutrients proven essential for plants – Added value. Microbial Activators of soils – Favourite food source promotes a healthy soil life.

Carbon content minimum of 25% plus –  Conditions soil & plants and reduces CO2 gasses. Minimal loss of nutrients through leeching or volatilization – You keep what you paid for. Sustained Release over 4+ months – With prolonged benefits as soil nutrient cycles & soil life builds up. Reduced applications – Cut fertilizer applications by  a 1/3 to a ¼ means cost savings on fuel & labour, also reduces soil compaction.

  • Excellent for lawns, tropical gardens, Indoor and outdoor container plants aswell as foliage plants
  • Doesn’t burn, pomotes vigorous health
  • Deep green colour
  • Complete long term feed

Apply every 4 months

Suggested early Spring and mid-summer

  • No negatives – No pH change, No build up of salts, No chlorine to damage soil
  • No carrier salts or non-nutritive filler – Concentrated organic nutrients mean no burn on plants, low application rates and water wise as there are no salts to dissolve.
  • Nutrients from natural sources – Optimized uptake by plants
  • Non-polluting of soil, water or air – Sustainable organic production
  • Based on principle of nutrient recycling – Waste to repurpose a new lifecycle


✓ Smaller granule for ease of calibration and flow with mechanical spreaders
✓ Improved consistency in pellet size
✓ Reduced dust in application
✓ More efficient distribution and coverage of area
✓ Better assimilation and breakdown in soil
✓ Will not affect the sustained release period of nutrients