Vita Fruit & Flower 3:1:5 (18)


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  • Vita Fruit & Flower 3:1:5 (18) is a certified organic fertiliser for feeding of Roses, flowering plants, shrubs, fruiting trees and vegetables, berries and flowering container plants.
  • 2kg, 5kg or 10kg


Vita Fruit & Flower 3:1:5 (18)

Vita Fruit & Flower 3:1:5 (18) –  TALBORNE ORGANICS FERTILIZER RANGES are incomparable for their beneficial qualities which are scientifically formulated and blended into an “All-in-One” organic fertilizer for crop performance, quality and health.

High N:P:K Organic Fertilizer content – Balanced blends, select for best purposeContains. ALL Minor & Micro-nutrients proven essential for plants – Added value. Microbial Activators of soils – Favourite food source promotes a healthy soil life. Carbon content minimum of 25% plus –  Conditions soil & plants and reduces CO2 gasses. Minimal loss of nutrients through leeching or volatilization – You keep what you paid for. Sustained Release over 4+ months – With prolonged benefits as soil nutrient cycles & soil life builds up. Reduced applications – Cut fertilizer applications by  a 1/3 to a ¼ means cost savings on fuel & labour, also reduces soil compaction .

Best for: Feeding flowering plants, shrubs and trees. Feed fruit trees and pot and container plants.

Advantages: Promotes vigorous flower, fruit and pods. Tops up Nitrogen and Potassium for flowers. Strengthens resistance to disease. Builds strong cells.

Best time to apply: At onset of flowering. Mid-bloom to prolong flowering. Suggested every  months.

  • Complies with Approved Inputs for Control Union EU & USDA NOP Organic Certified Standards
  • GlobalGAP compliant
  • Well below allowed MRL of heavy metal pollutants – Like Cadmium, Copper, Arsenic, Mercury and Lead
  • Registered Fertilizer with NDA SA


✓ Smaller granule for ease of calibration and flow with mechanical spreaders
✓ Improved consistency in pellet size
✓ Reduced dust in application
✓ More efficient distribution and coverage of area
✓ Better assimilation and breakdown in soil
✓ Will not affect the sustained release period of nutrients



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