Urbanscape Green Cubes 600g


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Urbanscape green cubes are the first mineral wool based cubes specifically designed for gardening and agriculture.

  • Soil enhancement product for optimal water absorption and retention.
  • Made from rock mineral wool without artificial additives.
  • Mix with soil or other organic based mixes when potting up plants.
  • Mix into sandy or loamy garden soil.
  • 70050903


Urbanscape Green Cubes 600g

Urbanscape Green Cubes 600g – Urbanscape is an innovative and easy to install system with high water retention capacity designed specifically for landscaping areas such as residential gardens, golf courses, commercial spaces, cemeteries and public parks.

Urbanscape Green Cubes are made of virgin rock mineral wool.

Urbanscape Green Cubes are made of natural and also locally sourced rocks. Cubes are produced by heating process in the way that cubes contain no chemical binder. Urbanscape green cubes are used primarily as a soil improver, which contributes to better soil structure, water holding capacity and aeration of growing media. Water inside Urbanscape Green Cubes is easily available for plant uptake.

  • Better growth
  • Less watering
  • Easy to use
  • Enviromentally friendly
  • Superior plant care effortlessly. Green cubes are a natural and completely straight path to an enviable garden, lush flower beds, flowering potted plants and fragrant seasonings in cooking pots with less watering.
  • The equation is simple: green cubes + earth + plants + less watering = lush growth. Save time, consume less water, and enable plants the best conditions for growth.
  • Green cubes are made of natural mineral fibers and are free of additives and binders .
  • They improve the water-air regime of the soil and thus increase the ability to retain water . Water is caught between the fibers and released into the soil gradually.
  • Green cubes with soil freezing for plant cultivation and water retention create optimal conditions for the growth and development of plants that develop:
    – a strong and more diversified root system,
    – a stronger overhead part of the plant,
    – a greater number of inflammations and shoots.
  • The mixture of green cubes and soil is recommended:
    – for growing plants in flower pots,
    – for a balcony vegetable garden,
    – for planting dishes in larger troughs,
    – for filling planting caves for trees and shrubs,
    – for all your gardening and gardening ventures.