Salvia Navajo Purple


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  • The free-flowering alvia navajo Dark Purple has a tidy compact habit and offers lovely deep purple flowers in the heat of summer.
  • This popular ornamental Salvia originates from Texas and Mexico, so it’s tough and tolerant of arid conditions.
  • Soft green, lightly fragrant leaves cover this plant through most of the season. The foliage is evergreen where winters are mild and semi-evergreen at its northernmost hardiness zones.
  • Purple flowers brighten its stems throughout the growing season. The tubular blooms have dark calyces, prominent flared lower lips and are borne in small, loose clusters. They are prolific and highly attractive to birds.
  • Drought tolerant and tough, autumn sage is easy to grow if provided with full sun and well-drained, average soil.
  • It requires minimal maintenance but looks better if occasionally shaped and cut back. This will encourage heavier blooming too.
  • Its bright flowers are super pollinator attractants and add colour to containers and sunny mixed beds.

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