Pittsporum undulatum


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  • fast growing shrub
  • Small honey-scented flowers
  • Feed with vita 5.1.5


  • Pittosporum undulatum is a tree growing to 15 m tall with wavy leaf edges, It carries conspicuous orange woody fruits about 1 cm in diameter for several months after flowering in spring or early summer, It is sometimes also known as sweet pittosporum, native daphne, Australian cheesewood, Victorian box or mock orange.
  • It has now proven invasive in tropical, sub-tropical and warm temperate areas, especially on islands, it produces large numbers of fruits and its seeds are eaten by a wide range of frugivorous birds.
  • It is a great colonizer of open, disturbed habitats, as well as being very shade tolerant, It is very competitive, shading out other vegetation, first invading relatively open forest and forming a dense understorey.

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