Pink Orchid in yellow pot


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Pink Orchid in yellow pot  (70063180)

Includes Custom gift box to ensure safe delivery of plants


Moth Orchid
Phalaenopsis amabilis
Phalaenopsis amabilis or Moth Orchid. These plants are considered among the easiest of the orchid family to care for as well as the most recognizable. The long-lasting flowers bloom perfectly for up to three months, providing you ample return on your investment. The flowering intervals vary with each plant, and you may be treated to a bloom as often as twice a year. Phalaenopsis have become one of the most popular variety of orchids because of their low maintenance and delicate balance of poise and elegance. Presented in a elegant yellow ceramic cover pot. 
• Phalaenopsis amabilis
• Large long lasting open flowers
• Ideal gift
• Alternative to cut-flowers
• Focal plant

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