Pandorea jasminoides

  • Common name : Bower Vine
  • It likes full sun or part-shade
  • Good to use wire mesh to support it



  • Pandorea Jasminoides is relatively light plant and ideal for smaller gardens, but it does get heavier and offer more wind resistant as it grows.
  • When you plant make sure that, the supports are strong enough and perhaps also install wire mesh between the supports so that the slender stems, which wrap themselves around any strut, can be trained upwards easily.
  • Growing in most soils that are moist and well-drained (acidic soils are also suitable) it prefers full sun or part-shade.
  • Adequate sunlight is required for good flowering and as a rainforest climber it will grow to reach for sunlight
  • It is important to note that Pandoreaspecies develop a strong and penetrating root system and should not be planted near underground pipelines.
  • Propagation is possible from fresh seed in spring and by stem cuttings or layering in summer.