Mother Fern - Asplenium bulbiferum 14cm


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Mother Fern – Asplenium bulbiferum 14cm (70059897)


Mother Fern

Asplenium bulbiferum

Asplenium bulbiferum or Mother Fern. This fern is a member of the Aspleniaceae family and is native to New Zealand. This unique and interesting fern is also known as ‘Mother Spleenwort’ and ‘Hens and Chicken Fern’. What makes this fern so unique is how the baby plantlets are produced on the upper surface of the fronds on the mother plant (hence the name ‘Mother Fern’). The plantlets fall off of the mother and are easily rooted if the soil is moist. 


Asplenium bulbiferum ‘Mother Fern’ will do well as a potted houseplant that is cool and brightly lit. It will also do well on the patio in a large pot. Due to its large size, it is not recommended as a terrarium.

  • Asplenium bulbiferum
  • Easy to grow and propogate
  • Great for atriums
  • Lush green ferny foliage


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