Lemon Verbena


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Also known as Aloysia. This is a tropical plant that will not survive severe frosts. It is a deciduous shrub with lemon-scented foliage. The flowers are tiny, pale lilac to white.

  • Grows to a height and width of 3m
  • The leaves have many medicinal and culinary uses
  • 12cm


  • Lemon verbena is a perennial shrub growing to 2-3m high
  • They have glossy green leaves that have a rough texture and emit a powerful scent reminiscent off lemon when bruised
  • Have sprays off white flowers that appear late Spring/early Summer
  • Lemon verbena is sensitive to frost
  • The key to growing; plant in lose, well-drained soil rich in organic matter. Drainage is the key to success with this herb
  • If left constantly wet, they will rot and die off
  • Full sun yields best growth and most flavorful leaves
  • If plants receive more shade then sun, stems will be spindly and sprawling, leaves will lack essential oils
  • They require fertilization, feed with Vita herb and vegetable fertilizer or Nitrosol/Seagro
  • Flowering tops and leaves are used for culinary and medicinal purposes
  • Lemon verbena is rich in essential oils, they have a calming effect and aids in digestion
  • Prune back in spring and remove dead wood. In very cold areas it will not grow very big and new growth can appear very late.
  • Lemon verbena grows well in containers.
  • Spider mites and whiteflies adore lemon verbena. Some gardeners won’t grow it because they feel this herb attracts those pests. Avoid carrying these pests indoors by allowing plants to stay outdoors until leaves drop .Lemon verbena drops its leaves prior to entering dormancy in Autumn and also in response to stress. Situations that trigger leaf drop include root disturbance, an intense cold draft, quick temperature change, or transplanting. Plants also seem to enter dormancy in response to shortening day length. During dormancy, don’t overwater plants. New growth typically emerges eventually (in spring for overwintering plants).

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