Lavender Margaret Roberts


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South Africa’s favourite Lavender. Large, floating bushes and long-stemmed flower spikes create an airy effect. Will flower profusely for most part of the year. Beautiful for cottage, rock, gravel and Mediterranean style gardens. Lavender Margaret Roberts is extremely tough and will survive the harshest of South African weather conditions. Dried foliage will make for a stunning potpourri.

  • Will grow to a height of 9ocm and a width of 40cm
  • Drought resistant
  • Flowers and foliage attract butterflies and bees
  • Waterwise
  • 4l
  • 70004009


Lavender Margaret Roberts

Lavender Margaret Roberts – A really tough lavender! Evergreen and bushy with narrow grey leaves, it produces its tightly packed, dark blue flowers throughout the summer.

An upright, fast growing lavender. The blooms appear throughout the year, in clusters atop fine stems. Lavenders do best in a well drained soil, in a sunny part of the garden. The long-stemmed flowers are excellent for cutting. They are also favored for linen sachets and potpourris. If preparing the blooms for drying, cut them while fresh and hang them upside down to dry. In the garden, lavender can be planted in rows as a low hedge or in sunny dry spots where its fragrance and summer color can be appreciated. It is perfect for the Mediterranean inspired garden and looks pretty planted among ornamental grasses in wild gardens.

The variety “Margaret Roberts” is registered in South Africa. It flowers nearly all year round and is fully hardy. An upright, fast growing lavender. The blooms appear throughout the year, in clusters on fine stems.
Large, billowing bushes and long-stemmed flower spikes create a wonderful airy, fine-textured effect.

  • Will treat nervous exhaustion, tension headaches, during labour, colic and indigestion.
  • A weak infusion ( 25% of normal strength) can be given to babies for colic, irritability and excitement.
  • It will help you sleep.


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