Wooden Tray Mixed With Nerve Plant ,Love Palm And African Violet


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Wooden Tray Mixed With Nerve Plant ,Love Palm And African Violet (70063171)

Includes Custom gift box to ensure safe delivery of plants


Nerve Plant
Frittonia albivenis
Frittonia albivenis or Nerve Plant. Normally grown as a houseplant, nerve plant is a spreading evergreen perennial with delicately veined, deep-green leaves. Although the most popular vein colour is silvery-white, you can also readily find varieties with veins in red, pink, white, and green. Nerve plant is a low-growing creeper that is a perfect fit for terrariums or bottle gardens.
• Frittonia albivenis
• Attractive leaves
• Evergreen
• Low growing spreading or cascading
Love Palm
Chamadorea elegans
Chamadorea elegans or Love Palm. A small palm that has long been used as an indoor plant. This attractive little plant was first discovered in Central America and brought back to the United States where it immediately became a popular indoor palm. It gained a near-instant following for several good reasons: It’s adapted to relatively low light, can handle lower temperatures, and grows in attractive clumps with light-textured foliage cloaking thin trunks. These factors make the Love palm one of the most popular indoor palms grown in most temperate countries. 
• Chamadorea elegans
• Often planted in small pots for display on desks
• Ideal gift
• Survive in low light conditions
African Violet
Saintpaulia ionantha
Saintpaulia ionantha or African violet. One of the most satisfactory flowering houseplants. It is a low, compact plant with attractive dark green, thick, hairy leaves. The violet-like flowers are borne in small panicles just above the foliage. Besides various shades of blue-violet, there are also pink, fuchsia, and white cultivars. 
• Saintpaulia ionantha
• Easy care
• Attractive flowers
Combo of all 3 plants presented in a rustic wooden crate style container.
• Fast growing

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