Rose Iceberg White


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Masses of pure white roses cover the plant. Ideal for mass planting. Mature plant size may vary due to growing conditions and climate. Will grow to a height of 80cm. Easy to grow with wonderful flowering qualities. Plant in full sun. They will also grow extremely well in pots. Look out for them as standards as well. Beautiful for cottage and English styled gardens.

  • Fertilise every 4 to 6 weeks
  • Prune heavily in autumn after the last frosts have passed
  • 4l
  • 07455001


Rose Iceberg White

Rose Iceberg White – Need I even describe this rose? Most sold & most popular rose in S.A. Clusters of pure white, semi-double blooms. Vigorous, extremely prolific, bushy growth. The plant’s susceptibility to black spot during moist periods is quickly overcome with new bursts of growth. When pruned lightly in winter, it will grow 2m in height.

Flowers freely and continuously from early summer, often well into winter. One of the best Floribundas. Large clusters of medium-sized, lightly double, pure white flowers. Very continuous flowering. Light, sweet fragrance. The Iceberg Rose, is one of the best pure white roses that you can grow. A constant bloomer, producing clusters of flowers, it is as popular today as it was over 50 years ago when it was first released in 1958. In fact in 1983, this rose was voted the world’s most popular rose Iceberg is a prolific bloomer that is simply great in the garden. It looks wonderful in mass plantings and combines well with other colour roses. Iceberg is a floribunda variety and it is not too fussy when it comes to looking after it. It has also become SA’s most popular rose because it is easy to grow and flowers so readily.

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