Hebe x Franciscana Variegata


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Hebe Amy

  • Small purple flowers in summer
  • Ideal for en masse planting
  • Feed with Wonder 3.1.5


Veronica Plant

Hebe ‘Amy’ is a relatively tough plant that prefers warm, dry areas and sandy soil.

It has green leaves with maroon undersides and produces a series of dark purple flowers. Plant size about 30 x 40 cm. Landscapers often plant this hybrid en masse in commercial gardens.

The hebes of the past were not the easiest plants to cultivate. They could produce beautiful flowers and foliage one season, only to be riddled with rust, twiggy and flowerless the next, due to no fault of the gardeners who grew them, but rather the erratic behaviour of the older varieties. The new hybrids, however, are much tougher. They are disease resistant, have compact growth habits and carry many beautiful blooms.

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