Green Creeping Jenny


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  • Lysimachia nummelaria
  • Evergreen
  • Semi-hardy
  • Plant in full sun or semi-shade
  • Water abundantly
  • 15cm pot


Green Creeping Jenny

Green Creeping Jenny – Lysimachia nummularia is a charming, ground hugging evergreen perennial about 5cm tall which is cultivated for its attractive, green, lime-green, or golden-yellow leaves, and its cup-shaped, bright yellow flowers in summer; in South Africa flowering can be erratic or non-existent; especially with the yellow form.

The genus Lysimachia is native to Eurasia, where it can be found growing damp situations; in fens, wet woods, lake shores, and river banks almost throughout Europe. It consists of around 150 herbaceous or evergreen perennials, as well as shrubs; all of which can be found growing damp situations in semi-shade to sun, and in humus rich soils, which drain well.

Creeping Jenny will thrive in full sun or semi-shade as long as the soil is kept moist. It roots along the ground as it grows and plants will spread very vigorously; making it an excellent groundcover for areas where it can be left alone to spread or naturalize, such as banks, woodland gardens, along paths, or in moist areas near water gardens or along streams, pools or pods.

Creeping Jenny thrives in regions with high summer rainfall but grows throughout the country, except for those very hot, humid, and dry regions. It loves rich, well-drained soils but will adapt to most garden soils, even heavy clay; and will tolerate acid, neutral or alkaline soils. It is fully cold and frost hardy and will tolerate temperatures as low as -10°c. Prune it down hard in spring and feed with a balanced organic fertiliser, to encourage lush new growth.

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