Gardena Hose Reel Set


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  • Gardena Hose Reel Set
  • Gardena 2691-20
  • Smooth running profiled wheels
  • Completely assembled

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  • Gardena Hose Reel Set.
  • Gardena 2691-20
  • Telescopic handle and special folding mechanism provide for space-saving storage.
  • Swivel axle prevents the connecting hose from turning when winding the main hose on or off.
  •  Explore the uniqueness of the Original GARDENA System.
  • The Original GARDENA System is the basis for garden irrigation with over 45 years of experience.
  • Everything fits together perfectly and remains watertight.
  • Through the freewheeling crank handle, the hose can be easily wound.
  • This allows pleasant work in the garden.
  • The Hose Trolley can be especially easily pulled.
  • The handle can be adjusted to the individual body height and profiled wheels facilitate pulling.
  • The comfortable handle grips are also kind to the hands.
  • Hose length 20cm
  • Capacity 25m 19mm (3/4″)
  • Smooth running profiled wheels
  • Completely assembled
  • Perfect for watering your garden with minimum fuss
  • Includes Reinforced 20cm Gardena Hose
  • Versatile, Portable, Compact Size and Easy Handling
  • Includes easy spray nozzle
  • Whining and un- whining made easy.
  • It is specially designed for small spaces such as terraces, patios or any other area
  • It is a product with everything you need and very good Gardena price with warranty.

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