Fire Sticks


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Fire Sticks

  • Evergreen succulent shrub
  • Perfect addition to beds, borders and coastal gardens
  • Easy to care for


Fire Sticks

This plant is called fire sticks because of its branching effect and red color. You will see it everywhere as gardeners switch to drought tolerant gardens.

A small, succulent with several branches. It may a many grow into a small tree (3-5m tall), but is often a medium shrub, depending on the growing conditions. The bark on old specimens is grey and rough with longitudinal scars. The branches are cylindrical, smooth and glabrous-green, 5-8 mm in diameter, forming brush-like masses that are the best known feature of this species.

Plants are without spines and contain large quantities of toxic latex which is freely exuded by the twigs and branchlets at the slightest injury. The leaves are rarely seen as they are tiny and only present on the plant for a short period. The thin twigs are pendant, pale green and occur opposite each other, alternate or in groups on the branchlets which gives a rather untidy and rounded appearance to the crowns.

The tiny yellow flowers are easily overlooked on the tips of the branches.  It bears tiny fruits which split whilst on the tree to release small black seeds.

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