Fertilis Earthworm Castings


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  • Earthworm castings
  • All purpose fertiliser for indoor, outdoor, hothouses, vegetable gardens, lawns and crop farming.
  • 15dm³


  • Earthworm Castings
  • 15dm³


Fertilis Plant Food – Fertilis is an All purpose organic fertiliser for indoor, outdoor, hothouses, vegetable gardens, lawns and crop farming.

Fertilis is easy-to-use; odourless; weed-free; guaranteed not to burn, and suitable for All soils and plants.

  • Fertilis is registered with the Fertiliser Board (Reg no B3664, Act 36/1947).
  • Fertilis Earthworm Castings is humus – the dark organic matter in soils created by microbial activity.
  • Compost and manure are the raw materials used by soil bacteria and earthworms to produce humus.
  • Humus (Fertilis) is environmentally friendly and feeds the life of the soil while it feeds crops and plants: minerals and nutrients are released and become bioavailable
    to the roots of the plants.
  • Fertilis improves the organic value, structure, moisture supply and fertility of the soil and is nature’s way of replenishing the soil. It is naturally pH balanced.
  • Fertilis is produced only from cattle manure, which is fed to a special kind of earthworm (Eisenia fetida). It takes approximately 3 cubic meters of manure to make 1 cubic meter of humus
  • Fertilis. Feeding the manure to earthworms exponentially increases the benefi cial soil micro-organisms and removes all odours, semi-sterilises it by removing any
    harmful bacteria, fungi or nematodes and also prevents the breeding of flies.
  • The reason that only cattle manure is used for the production of Fertilis is that all organics are not suitable for growing food.
  • Chicken manure, pig manure, sludge and sewage may produce healthy-looking plants, but contain large amounts of heavy metals, such as lead, boron,
    aluminium, copper, etc which are especially taken up by green leafy vegetables. For this reason these organics should not be used for growing food crops,
    although they may be used in land rehabilitation programmes, growing ornamentals and cover plants.

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