Cyathea Brownii


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Cyathea Brownii

  • Norfolk island tree fern
  • Beautiful arching fronds
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Cyathea Brownii

Cyathea brownii, commonly known as the Norfolk tree fern or smooth tree fern, is probably the largest tree fern species in the world.

It is endemic to Norfolk Island, in the Pacific Ocean near Australia and New Zealand.

In natural habitat Cyathea brownii can reach up to 20 metres or more in height. The broad, lance shaped, bipinnate-pinnatifid to tripinnate fronds can reach 5 metres in length. The stipe is long and has a line of white, stitch like dashes along its length. Rachis and stipe are covered in white-brown and darker orange-brown scales. The trunk can become smooth with age and may display oval scars left from fallen fronds.

This spectacular tree fern enjoys a sunny position. Planted in a semi shade position, and protected in winter, this plant will makes a fine addtion to any garden.

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