Buddleja saligna


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Buddleja saligna 

  • False Olive tree
  • Lovely honey scented flowers
  • The leaves can be used to treat coughs and colds


Buddleja saligna

The false olive’s young stems are four angled and covered with white velvety hairs. The older stems and trunks are creamy or grey to dark brown and fluted with the bark peeling in longitudinal strips.

False Olive tree. The plant is used for traditional medicinal purposes, the roots as a purgative and the leaves to treat coughs and colds. The wood is very fine grained and was used to make small pieces of furniture.

Flowers are scented creamy balls produced in spring and summer.

Like all the Buddlejas they attract insects and therefore birds.  Fast growing, tolerant of all conditions – in short – a delight.

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