No herb garden is complete without Basil. There are many varieties of basil available, the most common been the sweet green basil which we often use in culinary dishes to infuse its strong and unique flavour. Plant in full sun in a protected site. Basil is highly recommended to plant in companionship with tomatoes – Basil improves the flavour of the tomatoes and also repels insects and flies and helps to prevent mildew on vegetables like pumpkins, marrows, cucumbers and squashes. Basil grows very easily in pots and it is refreshing to have them on your windowsill for easy pickings.

  • Grows to a height of 45cm high by 30 cm wide
  • Plant in well-drained, light soil
  • The leaves and flowers have many medicinal and culinary uses
  • Fertilise with Vita Seedling Food
  • 12cm
  • 900033000