Aucuba Japonica 'Crotonifolia'


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Aucuba Japonica ‘Crotonifolia’

  • Gold spots and blots on leaves
  • Neat medium sized shrub
  • Feed with Wonder 3.2.1

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Aucuba Japonica ‘Crotonifolia’

Aucuba japonica is probably not the first plant that one would choose if faced with all the beauties on the market. However, this reliable plant and its sister varieties are the answer to the headaches of many a plant lover, whether they are facing icy winter’s cold or sweltering summer’s heat or looking for plants for deep shade.

And so, year after year, they remain bestsellers. A. japonicaand its hybrids are exceptionally hardy, evergreen shrubs that are mainly cultivated for their lovely foliage.

Their large, glossy, almost leathery leaves come in a variety of shapes, depending on the cultivar. If you group a whole lot together, it is possible to create a lush tropical scene in a cold winter garden. They are neat, medium-sized shrubs (about 1 m tall) that also look good in pots.

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