80 Pot Automatic DIY Kit

80 Pot Automatic DIY Kit 

Vertical Garden

  • 4 x Vicinity Irrigation Pot Kit – Black triangle
  • 1 x Vicinity Irrigation components – Green circle
  • 1 x Vicinity Irrigation pipe – Purple square
  • 1 x Vacinity Master Tank – Pink rectangle
  • 3 x Vacinity Secondary Tank – Red hexagon
  • 1 x Vicinity DC40 pump and transformer – Blue diamond




80 Pot Automatic DIY Kit

Vertical Garden – The Vertical Garden Made Simple. GardenShop is the proud stockist of Vicinity Greenwalls, the smart, scalable DIY vertical garden solution that lets you create an instant botanical feature for your home or office. A living work of art designed to inspire, Vicinity transforms any wall into a sustainable living beauty.

Vertical gardens are strikingly beautiful, unique and original works of living art designed to complement their surroundings. Vertical gardens improve the well-being and mood of people through a spiritual connection to nature which is missing in the modern concrete jungle. Plants are also scientifically proven to improve workplace performance.

Plants absorb sound and help with diffraction. The amount of noise reduction is proportional to the number of plants that are present in a room. Vertical gardens contain such a large number plants that the acoustics of a room can be substantially improved.

Plants photosynthesize and release oxygen into the air, and act as bio filers for impurities. Planting vertically allows high plant density on less floor space.

Imagine more green inspired spaces – watch this video!