Garden Floor

All the essentials, from ground cover plants to stepping stones.

We have a wide range of ground cover plants, low-growing grasses, succulents, stepping stones, pebbles, bark chips and crushed stone. We can help you combine these elements to create your perfect garden floor.

Beautiful living carpets are a great alternative to watering and maintaining thirsty lawns. Plant low-growing succulents, water wise ground covers and low-growing grasses with expanses of hard landscaping materials like mulch or gravel.

Garden floor plants guide

To help you create an exquisite garden floor, here are some of our top ground cover recommendations:


  • Clump forming glasslike groundcover
  • Evergreen and hardy, a useful groundcover grown in water wise gardens
  • 30cm x 20cm
  • Sun to semi-shade


  • Strong growing groundcover ideal for shady dry areas
  • Foliage from green to bronze to purple, there are also variegated foliaged plants available
  • 15cm to 30cm
  • Shade


  • Vigorous perennial groundcover known for its mat-forming and spreading abilities
  • Ideal companioning plant in hanging basket and containers
  • 50cm to 30cm
  • Sun to semi-shade

Corsican Mint

  • Mentha requenii is a low growing mat forming groundcover
  • Bright green leaves with a strong minty aroma, a must for planting in between stepping and paving stones
  • Slow growing
  • 3cm x 20cm
  • Sun to semi-shade

Creepy Jenny

  • A low growing evergreen groundcover found either in green or golden yellow leaves
  • 5cm x 30cm
  • Sun loving


  • A beautiful white daisy-like flowering trailing groundcover ideal for cascading over in hanging baskets, window basket and containers
  • Beautiful contrast to stepping stones in a garden pathway
  • Hardy
  • 50cm to 1m
  • Sun loving

Irish Moss

  • Tiny white flowers cover this very low growing moss-like groundcover
  • Excellent for planting in between stepping and paving stones
  • Evergreen
  • 2cm x 15cm
  • Sun to semi-shade


  • Hardy perennial groundcover
  • Fast growing and ideal for shady dry areas, found either in green or golden yellow leaves
  • 20cm x 50cm
  • Shade loving


  • Spreading neat low growing groundcover
  • Will flower in spring and right through into autumn
  • Can be used as a lawn substitute and also to fill spaces in between stepping stones
  • 15cm x 30cm
  • Sun to semi-shade

Mondo Grass

  • An evergreen perennial ideal to grow as a groundcover
  • It’s growth habit is clumplike and is well suited to plant as a low growing border plant
  • 50cm x 50cm
  • Sun to semi-shade


  • Little creeping perennial covered in bright blue starry shaped flowers in spring and summer
  • 4cm x 30cm
  • Sun to semi-shade

Star Jasmine

  • Useful evergreen groundcover and container plant
  • Fragrant white flowers make it a popular plant in many gardens in South Africa
  • Hardy
  • 40cmx 3m
  • Sun to semi-shade


  • Effective low growing groundcover with delicate white and violet flowers in spring, summer and autumn
  • Dies back in winter
  • 15cm x20cm
  • Sun to semi-shade

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