Gardening for Wildlife


Gardening for wildlife cannot be achieved overnight, it is a way of life. The wonderful thing is that you can start by doing small things to help.

Offer food

Supplemental feeding will bring out a host of insects and birds of all descriptions. A plethora of bird feed from GardenShop will bring in birds that you have never seen in your neighbourhood before. For lizards, frogs and toads minced meat at ground level will do the trick.



Reduce the use of pesticides

Reduce the use of chemical pesticides to a bare minimum. Consider planting insect repelling herbs alongside plants that have fallen prey to insect damage. The African Wormwood ‘Artemisia afra’ is a moth, insect and flea repellent with the dried powdered wormwood deterring ants.


Offer nesting sites

One of the of the easiest and the most rewarding, is putting up sisal nesting logs. They will attract Barbets and Woodpeckers.


Mulching helps

An absolute must, it is very encouraging to watch birds foraging on the ground. They will forage and pick around through organic mulches like fallen leaves, grass clippings and large bark chips. Mulch will also encourage insects that are vital for a healthy soil too.


Plant Indigenous

Plant indigenous plants that are natural to your climate, a good balance between exotic and indigenous plants will provide wonderful resources to wildlife – some for nesting, others for pollen others to provide berries and seed.


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